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EP 103 - 20 years of Prologix Percussion with Jason Edwards

Prologix is celebrating 20 years of creating innovative and high quality practice pads that have become an industry standard. I sit down with company founder, Jason Edwards, about the origins of starting the company in his garage, then slowly growing the business, up to winning multiple "best in shows" at NAMM, to the modern days where Prologix are an international company that has some of the biggest names in the industry as endorsers.

Jason also had a long relationship with the legendary Jim Chapin. He shares many great stories that give us a closer personal look at the moeller-stroke legend as a man, and a hand technician. A huge congrats goes to Jason and Andrew of Prologix and I am honored to share the story of this great company.

Find Prologix Percussion online at and be sure to use promo code: HISTORY20 to save 20% on everything site wide!

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