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EP 241 - The Drum Gear of Primus with Tim Alexander

Tim "Herb" Alexander joins me on the show to discuss his iconic drum sets that were used in classic Primus music videos such as Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, My Name is Mud, John The Fisherman, Wynona Big Brown Beaver, DMV and much more! I am a longtime Primus fan and I learned a TON from this conversation. Tim is a 3x grammy nominee and multi-platinum recording artist who has not only helped shape the world of modern rock and roll with Primus, but also has shared the stage with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle.

Tim also tells us all about his new "Stick Academy" project which is bringing the knowledge and skills of Herb to the masses through his website, and the stick academy app!

Herb is one of my favorite drummers of all time and this is truly a bucket list interview for me. I am very honored to have him on the show and I hope you guys like it!

Be sure to check it out on my YouTube channel to see the clips we are talking about!

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