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EP 92 - The History of Military Tattoos with Mark Reilly

A Military Tattoo is a ceremony that dates back to the early 17th century in the Netherlands when Drummers would notify the soldiers at the local bars at 9:30pm that it is time to return to the barracks. This was known as "Doe Den Tap Toe " or "Turn Off The Taps". This tradition continued and evolved over the centuries to be a nightly ceremony that was designed to entertain in the summer months, Fast forward to modern days and it is a worldwide, mega event that celebrates the best drummers and musicians around the globe.

Mark is a master rudimental drummer and an extremely seasoned performer in the world of Tattoo's. This is a great episode about a topic that I knew absolutely nothing about. Mark is a great guy with a huge passion for drumming.

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Enjoy this episode!

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