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EP 90 - A Look at 1920's Drummers with Nicholas D. Ball

Nicholas and I dissect 9 amazing audio examples of 1920's drummers including Zutty Singleton, Baby Dodds, Gene Krupa and many other greats in this episode. We also talk about that bizarre restrictions that were placed on drummers in the 20's in recording studios which is a fascinating and not largely known topic. We talk gear, playing styles, and the great musicians of the day and lots of other great information along the way.


Nicks website is a great resource for everything you want to know about 1920's drummers -


Be sure to check out Nick's latest release with the King Oliver Project -


Here is the track listing of the songs we discuss in this episode:

1 - A Band Contest - John Lucas with Earl Fuller 1917

2 - Hot Lips - Unknown drummer with Synco Jazz Band 1922

3 - Washboard Blues - Jasper Taylor with Jimmie O Bryant 1925

4 - Willie The Weeper - Baby Dodds with Louis Armstrong's Hot 7 1927

5 - Eccentric - Vic Berton with Red Nichols 1927

6 - Kansas City Stomps - Tommy Benford with Jelly Roll Morton 1928

7 - Fireworks - Zutty Singleton with Louis Armstrong's Hot 5 1927

8 - Alabama Stomp - Vic Berton with Red Nichols 1927

9 - 9 Shimmy-Sha-Wabble - Gene Krupa with Miff Mole 1928


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