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EP 87 - The History of Tama Drums with John Palmer

Tama's parent company, Hoshino Gakki, dates back 113 years to 1908 in Japan where it started a book and sheet music seller. Hoshino then entered the world of distribution and later instrument production with the Spanish guitar brand - Ibanez. Hoshino didn't enter the drum world until the early 60's as Star Drums, and the world was never the same. Star was a leader in the "Made in Japan" revolution of drums, until the 1970's when star transitioned to Tama Drums and they became a major player in the world of professional drums.

John Palmer, Sales Strategist at Hoshno USA, tells us all about the way that Tama came roaring onto the drum scene and gave the American brands a scare and changed things forever. Tama is one of the most innovative brands in the history of drums and brought things to market such as booming cymbal stands, gong bass drums, octobons, and tons of other great innovations. This episode is full of really great information from every era of Tama. It has been a long time in the works and I am very glad to have it out in the world!

Check out everything Tama has to offer at:

The book I mentioned in this episode is not available for purchase but I will update everyone if Tama makes it more widely available.


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