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EP 77 - Orion P. Howe - The Medal of Honor Drummer Boy with Marlene Targ Brill

Orion was a 14 year old drummer boy in the Civil War when he earned the Medal of Honor for an extremely courageous act in battle. Marlene Shares his amazing story that begins when he enters the war at 12 years old through the rest of his life, and the lives of his musical family. We learn all about drummer boys and the role they played in the war, including Johnny Clem - the youngest noncommisioned officer in army history who began as a drummer.

Marlene wrote "Diary of a Drummer Boy" which is Orion's amazing true story written in a diary format. She provides a great perspective on these heroic young drummers and paints a great picture of what life was like for these boys, including playing games on the battle field and putting their lives in danger on a daily basis.


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