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EP 73 - The History of SJC Drums with Mike Ciprari

Mike is the co-founder of SJC and shares the great journey he and the company have been on in its 20 year existence. They erupted on the scene right when boutique drum companies were popping up everywhere, and I think it is safe to say that they came out on top - but it was full of serious ups and downs in the relatively short existence of the company.

We hear about the rocky relationship that Mike had with his co-founder brother Scott, who is a true mastermind at drum building and a massive part of the DNA of the company, and also the behind the scenes story of being featured on the CNBC TV show, The Profit. This also features great information on the transition from a complete custom shop company, to partnering with Guitar Center to make affordable SJC drums available to everyone.

This is the most modern company that I have had on the podcast and I had a blast learning about SJC. Check out SJC at: and on social media at @sjcdrums

Enjoy this episode!

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