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EP 64 - A Look at Broadway Drummers with Warren Odze

Learn the history of broadway drummers dating back to the days of Vaudeville, up to the modern times where shows are technical marvels that run Ableton, have screens on all the music stands, and the drummer is often playing remotely in a complete different part of the building!

Warren Odze is a broadway veteran and has been performing on the stage since the 70's, but his music career has been in full swing for over 50 years. He takes us through the changes that drummers on Broadway have faced over the years and the importance that the Musicians Union plays in keeping them working.

Warren has performed on broadway shows such as "The Life", "Civil War", "Kat and the Kings", "Seussical","Thoroughly Modern Millie", "Lennon" , "Come Fly Away", The Wedding Singer", “Priscilla", “Rocky” , “An American In Paris” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - in addition to performing on the Tony Awards, being the drummer for the 1968 season of the Dick Cavett Show, and recording with a long list of A List artists.

Enjoy this episode!

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