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EP 63 - The History of Pearl Drums with Raymond Massey

We go back to post World War 2 Japan and learn about the origins of Pearl as a music stand manufacturer in 1946. They then entered the world of drums in the 50's and began to rise to the drum company that we know today by creating "stencil drums" for over 30 other brand names, including CB-700 and Apollo, before creating the iconic Pearl "Presidents Series" in 1966.

Raymond Massey is the Director of Product Development and gives us an extensive run through of each decade of this iconic drum brand. Pearl has been a family owned brand for almost 75 years and has continued to push the boundaries of innovation and quality since the first drum left the factory.

This episode has been in the works for over a year and I am very happy to get it out in the world and share the history of Pearl.


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