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EP 62 - Legendary Teachers: Moeller and Chapin with Claus Hessler

Claus teaches us all about the Moeller Technique and its origins with Sanford Moeller, and how he passed the technique along to the legendary Jim Chapin who taught Claus and many famous drummers. This episode is full of great history and stories about how this method of playing was passed down through the generations, and also hear all about Claus's passion for rope tension drums, collapsed rudiments, and a number of other topics!

Claus Hessler is an author, performer and educator who had a very close relationship with Jim Chapin and is a modern expert on rudimental drumming and the Moeller technique. In 2006, Jim Chapin was quoted saying "I hardly know anyone who is closer to the real Moeller than Claus Hessler."

You can find out everything about Claus on his website at

Enjoy this episode!

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