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EP 59 - The Biography of Joe Morello with Steve Fidyk

Joe Morello was one of the most innovative and masterful drummers of the last century, but did you know he was playing Violin with the Boston Symphony at age 9? Learn about how the iconic "Take 5" Drummer made the switch to drums and became the legend we know today.

Steve Fidyk is a legendary drummer and educator in his own right, and he was lucky enough to study with Joe and have a very close relationship with him as a student and a friend.

Joe began his music life as a virtuosic violinist who became discouraged at 15 after not feeling that he could surpass the sound of one of his heros - so he began studying drums with Joe Sefcik and George Lawrence Stone..and then the rest his history. Steve does a wonderful job of very thoroughly taking us through Joe's entire life including the hardships of being legally blind and pursuing a musical career.

Steve Fidyk is a composer, author, educator, and a phenomenal drummer. He is a wealth of information and a very nice guy who is extremely well prepared for this deep dive into Joe's life. His passion for sharing the story of his friend, Joe Morello, makes this a special episode.

Here is Steve's website:

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Here are some links to Joe related content that Steve generously sent me:

1. Joe Morello DVD that breaks down the approach we discussed in detail:

2. Tribute homage of mine that I did for Modern Drummer:

3. "The Great Drum Solo" that I referenced of Joe with DBQ:

4. Joe on the Conan O'Brien Show performing Take 5:

5. "Burning for Buddy" video performing with the Buddy Rich Band:

6. We discussed his brush work with Marian McPartland. Here's a video for Hudson Music where he talks about approach:

7. Take 5 with DBQ 60's:

8. At the Playboy Mansion with DBQ performing Take 5 (slower tempo):

9. The Take 5 Cymbal documentary/Greg Caputo/Memphis Drum Shop:

Thanks for listening!

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