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EP 57 - For the Love of Slingerland with John Sparrow

John Sparrow is the drummer for the Violent Femmes and a die hard Slingerland enthusiast! This is a fun episode where we talk about Slingerland high points in the history of this great American brand, and also some low points through the decades as the company evolved and tried to keep up with the constantly changing world of music.

John is an endorser of A&F Drums but has been a Slingerland fan since he was a kid starting by playing his dads Radio King's. We talk about the great Gene Krupa, Rolling Bombers, the feud with Ludwig, and highlights from the 30's to today. I find it very interesting that John really likes the 1990's era Slingerlands. I have never heard much about this time period before talking with him and he has great things to say about them!

Check out the Violent Femmes here:

Enjoy this episode!

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Tyler Land
Tyler Land
Dec 01, 2020

Interesting listen and I'm a big Slingerland fan. I own one Gretsch-era snare (which is an excellent drum) but to me the mid-90's Nashville drums are truly awesome and I'll never part with them. I own a RK and 3 Studio King snares which sound like nothing else I own and they look great. Two are from 1996 signed by Pat Foley. Now that DW owns Slingerland, I'm sure they'll do the right thing with the brand.

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