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EP 55 - The Great British Drum Brands Episode with Geoff Nicholls

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We learn about Ajax, Carlton, Hayman, Beverley, and Premier drums - just to name a few! We discuss pre and post war drums made in England, and the many similarities and differences between British drums and the classic American brands.

Geoff is a renowned author and expert on the history of the drum set, with a special knowledge about British drums. We go through the full history of all these different brands that were at the top of the drum world for many years, and then disappeared as the American and Japanese brands took over the market.

We learn about the horrible fate of some of these companies as the Nazi forces bombed England and they were forced to rebuild and start over. And also about the special relationship between England and the United States and how Jazz was one the most important exports of the USA that changed the world of music in the UK.

Episode Edit - Geoff wanted me to mention: At 44’06” He said the Autocrat drums were made by John Dallas and Son (Jedson) where he meant John Grey.

Geoff is the author of "The Drum Book", "The Drum Handbook", "John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums" and a monthly article featured in Rhythm Magazine.

Plus he was the host of BBC's "Rock School" in the 80's!

Here is a link to Drum Book - Shop around a find the second edition second hand for under $10.

Enjoy this episode!

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