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EP 52 - Legendary Teachers: George L. Stone with Barry James

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Barry James is the last living student of George Lawrence Stone (Stick Control, Accents and Rebounds) who still teaches the Stone technique. Barry is 81 years old and took lessons with Stone in 1957 in Boston College. He has had an amazing career and still teaches via Skype to people around the world.

We learn what it was like to step into Stones Boston drum studio and learn from the author of one of the most beloved drum books in history, "Stick Control". Barry took his experiences and co-wrote a book with the great Joe Morello titled "Drum Lessons with George Lawrence Stone". It is a personal account on how to use Stick Control from two of his top students.

This episode features tons of great information on Joe Morello - Stones Protege and legendary jazz drummer. This is the last book that Morello worked on before passing away.

If you would like to take lessons with Barry James and learn from a direct student of stone, you can email him at or call him directly at 321-297-3042 to set up a skype lesson.

Thanks for listening!

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