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EP 51 - Sympathy for the Drummer: The Charlie Watts Episode with Mike Edison

Charlie Watts is one of the most important drummers in Rock and Roll History. Mike Edison is the author of "Sympathy for the Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters" and he gives us a great in depth look at the importance of Charlie and the Rolling Stones on popular culture.

Learn about the impact Charlie made on pop culture with The Rolling Stones and as a passionate jazz drummer. We discuss his personal life and his hobbies including his mega collection of drums, art, and all types of things. I have heard first had about this collection when I got to meet Charlie - It is unbelievable!

Check out Mike's Website here:

Purchase the book on Amazon:

A really cool trailer for the audio book narrated by Mike:

Here is a few Spotify Playlist's that Mike Made based around Charlies Influences and his drumming with the Stones:

Enjoy this episode!

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