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EP 50 - The History of Premier Drums with Mike Ellis

Did Premier secretly produce Ludwig Supraphonic shells in the 70's? Listen to find out! Founded in 1922, Premier is the most famous brand in British drum history and has a fascinating story. Mike Ellis is an expert on Premier and an avid restorer who shares the complete history with us plus tons of great stories along the way.

Learn all about the comparisons between classic American brands and Premier through the brands evolution as they battled for market share, and inevitably what held Premier back from dominating the drum world. For one example, I was fascinated to learn that they produced Gun Sights during WW2 before the factory was bombed during the war!

Mike Ellis is also known as "The Drum Fettler" and has a great youtube channel full of great restoration videos - check it out here:

Enjoy this deep dive into Premier Drums!

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