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EP 49 - The History of U.S. Military Drumming with Patrick Jones

We learn the role of drummers in the Military and the purpose they served as a form of communication and a way to keep the troops unified during battle starting with the US Colonies through to the Revolutionary War. Then we take a deep dive into the Civil War and learn all about the importance of the Fife and Drum Corp on both sides in the extremely bloody war that divided the country.

Patrick Jones is a Fife and Drum Corps expert and regularly performs with Camp Chase Fifes and Drums at events all over the country. He also restores rope tension snare drums to exact detail. Patrick is a 5th grade history teacher and he does a great job of explaining all of these details so that people of any knowledge level of US History can understand this and learn a lot about Military drumming.

Check out Camp Chase Fifes and Drums website at:

A big thank you to Mark Robertson for connecting Patrick and I and being a Patron of the show and a good friend!

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