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EP 46 - The History of Sabian Cymbals with Andy Zildjian

Andy Zildjian is the president of Sabian Cymbals and takes us on a very interesting journey through the history of the company that dates back to its founding in 1981 by his father, Robert Zildjian. This episode features tons of great information about his famous cymbal making family in general, and we discuss the factors that caused the split in the family and become the iconic Sabian cymbals that we know today.

We learn all about how Robert Zildjian founded the company and how much of a visionary he was as a business man and used his international smarts to help Sabian come out of the gate as a major player in the cymbal company in the early 80's. Andy is continuing his fathers legacy by innovating and keeping the company on the cutting edge of cymbal technnology.

Enjoy this episode!

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