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EP 44 - The History of The Ludwig Black Beauty with Uli Salazar

Uli is the Ludwig Marketing and Artist Relations Manager and shares the complete history of the iconic Black Beauty snare drum. We discuss how it originated as the 1919 "Inspiration Model" and then evolved into Black beauty we know today over the next 100 years.

Learn about how Ludwig was not the first company to use the "Black Beauty" name, but they became the most famous. We talk about the different processes that have been used to make the shells and what makes them some of the most sought-after snare drums in the world.

Check out Ludwig's website: and on social media at @ludwigdrumsHQ

Find Uli Salazar on social media at @Damendrums and check out

Here is the information about the George B. Stone and Slingerland Black Beauty's -

Slingerland - 1928

George B. Stone.- 1925

Thanks for listening!

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