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EP 38 - New Orleans Jazz History with Stanton Moore, Walter Harris, Joe Lastie, and Greg Lambousy

This very special episode takes a deep dive into the history of New Orleans Jazz and features multiple interviews that I did in New Orleans while I was there to see the Rolling Stones and meet Charlie Watts in July, 2019. I was lucky enough to sit down with Stanton Moore and get the full history of Nola Jazz, and also go backstage with Walter Harris and Joe Lastie at Preservation Hall Jazz Club, plus even more information from Greg Lambousy of the Nola Jazz Museum.

New Orleans is one of the few places that can be called the home of Jazz. We cover as much of this history as possible with the help of these four great guests. I also tell the story of why I was in New Orleans and the amazing Rolling Stones experience I had thanks to Don McAulay (Charlie Watts Drum Tech) and the crazy few days I had visiting the city. We end the episode with a great interview with Greg Lambousy about the Drumsville exhibit at the New Orleans Jazz Museum that features tons of amazing pieces of Drum History.

-Stanton Moore is a world class clinician, educator and the drummer for Galactic. You can check him out at

Here is a link to the Ned Sublette book that he mentioned:

-Walter Harris is the touring drummer for the Preservation Jazz Hall Band and tours the world spreading New Orleans Jazz.

-Joe Lastie was the touring drummer for 27 years and is still performing regularly at the Preservation Hall Jazz Club. Find out more about Pres Hall here:

-Greg Lambousy is the director of the Nola Jazz Museum and was a wealth of information about New Orleans Jazz in general. Check it out here:

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this special episode!

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