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EP 35 - The History of Drum Engraving with John Aldridge

Drum Engraving goes back to the 1920's when drums such as the Slingerland and Ludwig Black Beauty's would become legendary thanks to the intricate engraving on the metal shells. Fast forward to today, John is the man behind the hand engraving for companies such as Ludwig, A&F, DW, Pearl, C&C and Joyful Noise.

John is also the founder of the amazing publication "Not So Modern Drummer", which has been an amazing resource for vintage drum enthusiasts for almost 30 years. We go through the full history of NSMD and tons of other great vintage drum talk along the way.

Check out Johns website at:

here is the current version of Not So Modern Drummer which is run by George Lawrence:

Here are some great NSMD articles by Bob Campbell about John Aldridge that go into further detail about this topic and have great pictures:

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