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EP 34 - The Legacy of George Way Drums with Ronn Dunnett

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

George Way is one of the most innovative people in drum history, and is known as the godfather of the modern drum set. George passed away in 1969, but Ronn Dunnett has been carrying on the legacy of George Way Drums since 2006. 

George worked for basically all of the classic American drum companies including Leedy, Slingerland, Rogers and many more. His designs were decades ahead of what was being used at the time and many of his inventions are still found on the modern drum set.

Ronn and I go through the entire life of George H. Way and many of his greatest contributions, plus the many ups and downs he faced in his career. George was faced with tragedy towards the end of his ownership of his own company which later turned into Camco, but he continued to work in the world of drumming until the end of his life.

Ronn tells us all about how he acquired George Way Drum's and the relationship he has had with DW about the use of the round lugs (a George Way invention). He is also the owner of Dunnet Classic Drums and makes some of the finest drums available today and is a master drum builder.

-You can check out Dunnett Classic Drums here:

-The George Way Drums website with the history I reference in this episode:

-Here is a wonderful article written by Bob Campbell for Modern Drummer about George Way Drums and Ronn Dunnett:

-Here is a link to Rob Cook's book "The Leedy Way" which is an amazing source for information on both Leedy and George Way:

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Tyler Land
Tyler Land
Dec 01, 2020

Great interview.


No mention of Bill Detamore's work on the drums!

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