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EP 32 - Bringing the Slingerland Drum Shell Machines Back to Life with Bernie Stone

Bernie purchased the original Slingerland radio frequency drum shell making machinery on an Ebay auction in 2001, and that began his decade long quest to figure out how they work. He went through hundreds of attempts to figure out how these incredibly complex machines created drum shells before he got help from from Jack Moritz, a former Slingerland employee who ran the machines for 22 years. Once that happened, Bernie was off and running and making drum shells in under 5 minutes under his new company, Stone Custom Drum.

Learn all about how Radio Frequencies we're used to create drum shells, and also we discuss the recent acquisition of Slingerland by DW, plus tons of other great stories along the way.

Stone Custom Drum has Slingerland in its DNA, but is its own brand that creates beautiful, one of a kind drums. You can check them out at

In this episode, we also discuss Jim Moritz who is the owner of Chicago Drum. He was the guest on episode 4 and you can check him out at

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