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EP 30 - The History of the Hi-Hat with Rob Cook

The origins of the Hi-Hat pedal have long been debated, and Rob Cook introduces us to a new theory that a gentleman named Skip Retherford was the inventor in the 1922. This pre-dates Papa Jo Jones, who is widely thought to be the earliest user of the Hi-Hat. Rob shares this great story with us and how he got involved after Zildjian decided he was the best man to handle this information. Find out what happened to Skip's invention and learn everything else you could want to know about the Hi-Hat in this episode!

Rob Cook is the founder of the Chicago Drum Show and runs . He is a wealth of information and publishes a number of great books that can be found on the Rebeats website. You can also hear him on previous episode of Drum history about the history of Leedy Drums.

Here are the images of Rob's article about the hi-hat in Drum Magazine.

Photo Credit: mwsilver - flickr

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