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EP 26 - The History of Remo Drumheads with Herbie May

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Herbie is a 32 year veteran of the Remo Company and shares the full history of the company with us, including the controversial debate between Evans and Remo and who was first to invent the synthetic drumhead. Remo is one of the most famous names in drums and it all stems back to one man, Remo Belli. Herbie was good friends with Remo and worked closely with throughout his career and shares many stories that come straight from Remo himself.

We discuss the origins of synthetic heads and the trials and tribulations that faced that process, the introduction of C.S. Dot heads, Sparkletone heads, Remo Drumsets, RotoToms, World Percussion and a whole lot more. Herbie May has been there for the invention of many of these innovations and gives us a rare behind the scenes look at everything Remo!

Check out the History page on the Remo website that we discuss here:

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