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EP 24 - The History of Camco Drums with Joe Luoma

Founded by George Way, Camco is one of the most iconic brands in Drum History and it only existed for 17 years... Without Camco, we wouldn't have the iconic round lugs that were later made famous by DW and the classic 5000 pedal that we all know and love.

Joe Luoma takes us through the history of this extremely sought after drum brand from the beginnings as the Geo. H. Way drum company, through the 4 seasons of the company, and the end when Tama and DW purchased all of the assets of the company.

Joe is not only a devoted Camco collector, he is also the creator of the iconic "Hot Rod" multi-sticks. He tells us about how they came about and exploded with the unplugged craze that happened in the early 90's.

You can meet Joe every year at the Chicago Drum Show and see his collection of Camco's in person. He also highly recommends the Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Hollywood, and St. Louis Drum well as the Vintage Camco Drums Facebook page.

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