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EP 21 - The Biography of Buddy Rich with Shawn Martin

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Drumming since he was 18 months old, Buddy Rich turned into one of the worlds most beloved drummers thanks to his incredible speed and tenacity on the kit. His story is full of tragedies and triumphs that shaped him into the one of a kind person that he became. His incredible passion and unwavering dedication to being a drummer took him to the top of the drumming world, but ultimately lead to his demise.

Shawn Martin is a drumming historian who specializes in Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. He shares his vast knowledge of Buddy's life with us in a very detailed description that begins with Buddy's start as "Traps The Drum Wonder" at 18 months old, all the way through his remarkable career and death in 1987.

Keep up with Shawn by visiting his website: - (This is his Gene website, but you can find all of his content for Buddy through the site)

Find him on Instagram at @thecrippleddrummer and youtube at Drumuitar

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