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EP 219 - Drumming and the Nervous System with Adam Gust

Adam Gust teaches us how understanding Neuroscience, The Vegus Nerve, and listening to your body and emotions can help you be a better drummer with less pain and tension in your body. Adam began this quest to combine brain science and drumming after traumatic experience where he lost the ability to play the drums after walking through a plate glass window which shattered all over his hands. He applied what he learned and is now back to drumming better than ever and is on a mission to share this knowledge with the drumming community!

Here are Adams links:

Sabian Education Network referral link for free access to my workshops with them:

TED talk:

and here are some science related Drum History episodes that you may enjoy:

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EP 112 - The Science of Why We Love Drums with Dr. Kristen Vogt Veggeberg

EP 83 - The Science and History of Acoustics with Thomas Antoine

EP 10 - Wild Thing: The Study of Rhythm in Animals with Dr. Ed Large

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