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EP 214 - The Essence of Philly Joe Jones with Tim Carman

Philly Joe Jones is an icon of jazz drumming who is most famous for his time with Miles Davis and his unique style of soloing and swinging that has made him one of the most respected drummers of the 20th century. Tim Carman is the author of "Philly-ISM" which breaks down the style and essence of Philly Joe Jones at its most basic form, so you can learn to play like the master himself!

Tim is an author, educator, and performer with the great band GA-20. This is the second book in his "Isms" series, the first was about Roy Haynes, and he is doing a great service to the community by breaking down the style of these legendary players.

Check out everything Tim Carman has released via his website at

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and check out GA-20 here:

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Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
26 ago 2023

Can’t wait for my copy to show up!!

Oh, Philly Joe did a pamphlet on playing brushes. It is out on the internet as pdf.

Keep up the good work, Bart!!

Me gusta
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