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EP 211 - The History of Simmons Drums with Daren Pfeifer, Steve Graham, Patrick Casey, Steve Watts a

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This is a 5 person mega episode all about the history of Simmons Drums, the iconic hexagonal electronic drums that changed the face of music in the 1980's. The sound, look and spirit of Simmons drums can be heard on most every recording of the 1980's across all genres including rock, pop, rap, metal, and everything in between!

My guests include two of the original employees of the company: Steve Watts and Pat Casey, The author of "The Complete Simmons Drum Guide": Steve Graham, a master restorer of high level Simmons Drums: The Simmons Guy aka Ed Rose, and Daren Pfeifer who is a Simmons enthusiast and collector and helped to arrange this entire episode.

Learn even more at and here is the facebook Simmons group:

Here are eveneryones links and social media handles:

Daren Pfeifer - and @darenpfeifer on IG

Ed Rose / The Simmons Guy - and @thesimmonsguy on IG

Here is Steve Grahams Simmons Book:

Steve Watts Big D Studios -

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