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EP 174 - The Biography of Keith Moon with Tony Fletcher

Keith Moon is one of the most explosive drummers in the history of Rock and Roll. This episode is an in-depth look at the short life of this incredible musician who packed more of the good, bad, and ugly bits of life into 32 years than anyone else. Tony Fletcher is the author of the definitive Moon biography and takes us from Keith's post-war upbringing in bombed out England, through his rise as a gigging drummer around the pubs, to his rise to extreme fame and untimely death in 1978. We cover the fun and cheeky "Moon the Loon" stories about his hotel room antics and automotive shenanigans, but also the very dark and sad side of his life which included depression, addiction, domestic violence, and his overdose.

Keep up with Tony Fletcher at and be sure to listen to his podcast and check out all his other great books.

Here is a link to Tonys great Keith Moon book:

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