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EP 163 - The History of Orange County Drum with Michael Kelley and Jarrod Fallon

OCDP is one of the most iconic brand of the late 90's/Early 2000's with endorsees like Travis Barker, Chad Sexton, Adrien Young, and Taylor Hawkins. My guests are Michael Kelley who was a part of OCDP from the very beginning through the mid 2000's and Jarrod Fallon who is an OCDP enthusiast, collector, and restorer. These two guys together cover the somewhat mysterious background of this iconic brand that was a part of the rock and roll zeitgeist of the early 2000's. We discuss the early days as a So-Cal drum shop, the wild designs, vented snares, famous endorsers, the rise and fall of the company and much more!

Thanks to Twin Cities Drum Collective for sponsoring this episode!

Here are a bunch of great photos provided by Jarrod Fallon (in no particular order)

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