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EP 158 - (The Vault) Discovering Gene Krupas Lost Drum Collection with Brooks Tegler - 2019

This is a classic episode that I am excited to re-release! Charlie Watts purchased Gene Krupas long lost drum collection - what is better than that?! I also announce the start of a new series that I am launching simultaneously with the release of episode. Listen to learn more!

Original Description: A large collection of Gene Krupa's gear has been in a storage unit since 1973 and has recently been discovered! If that wasn't enough...It was all purchased by the legendary Charlie Watts! Our friend Brooks Tegler was the man who authenticated this collection and shares the story with us.

Are the myths true about Gene playing a Dynasonic? You'll have to listen to find out! Brooks takes us through the whole story of how this amazing collection was found and what was included, and how it ended up with a Rolling Stone.

You can find the full report that Brooks created for this collection at his blog:

Purchase physical GK book here:

and the Digital copy here:

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