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EP 142 - The History of Drum Workshop with Don Lombardi

Don Lombardi is the founder of DW Drums and he shares the full story of this legendary American drum brand. Drum Workshop has amazing origins in Don's garage where he recycled the name from his drum teaching business and turned his garage into a workshop where he and his student, John Good, created canister thrones that could raise and lower - and the rest is history! I learned so much about the Camco story, the 5000 pedal, and everything I never knew about DW and Don's background as a professional drummers.

DW's website:

Drum Channel YouTube:

Masters of Resonance documentary:

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Fantastic episode! I had the tremendous honor of working for Don from 1986-1989 during the launch and early days of DW Drums. Don was a great mentor early in my career and today he is one of my dearest friends.

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