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EP 141 - Carrying on George L. Stones Legacy with Barry James

Barry James was a student of George Lawrence Stone in the 1950's and is continuing on his teachings to this day by releasing two new books that he worked on with Joe Morello that are finally ready to be released! Barry's new book's are called "Counting the Exercises in Stick Control" which supplements "Stick Control" and teaches how to read it the way Stone originally intended, and the second is "Future Rudiments" which is a concept that Stone created towards the end of his life. Barry is a wealth of knowledge and is working very hard to teach the Stone method at its truest form!

Contact Barry to get a copy of either book before the Kindle release by emailing or calling him at (321) 297-3042, and also Barry is an a great teacher who I highly recommend for remote lessons.

Here is a link to Barrys original episode on the podcast:

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