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EP 131 - The Snare Drums of Buddy Rich with Tommy Piorek

Tommy teaches us about his amazing period correct collection of snares that Buddy Rich played spanning his career from 1950 to the early 1980's! We dig deep into 15 specific snare drums including Buddy's famous relationship with the forbidden Fibes snare drum that he loved so much, his wood DynaSonic, his on/off relationships with Slingerland and Ludwig, and of course - Buddy playing Trixon! Tommy Piorek is a Buddy RIch expert and has a number of rare Buddy Rich collectibles - but this collection of snare drums was something truly special. This is a great episode that has tons of great Buddy stories and lots of information I haven't heard anywhere else!

Check out a video tour of Tommy's collection at the Chicago Drum Show in 2015 with Jim Messina:


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