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EP 129 - Drumming Through The Decades with Vicky O'Neon

Vicky teaches us the history of female drummers through the decades in this very in-depth episode that begins 2000 years ago when all the drummers in society were women! Vicky O'Neon is a great drummer, educator, and YouTuber who has created an amazing 12. part series that she was kind of enough to condense all that information in this fun episode. Female drummers have faced countless hardships through the decades but the thing that really struck me in this episode is how unbelievably persistent, hardworking, and talented they are despite all the struggles. We live in a great time now where things have gotten much better but it has been a long and fascinating journey that Vicky expertly teaches.

Here is a link to her youtube channel where you can watch the entire series:

And here is a link to the Girls Rock Camp Alliance that we discuss in this episode:

Find Vicky on all social media platforms at @Vickyoneondrums

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