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EP 127 - The History of Paiste (Part 2) with Dan Garza

We pick up the Paiste history in the 1970's when 2002's were king and all the famous European rock bands were representing Paiste. The company also lost its distribution deal with Ludwig in the early 70's and had a period of about 4 or 5 years where distribution in America was slim to none - until they made a deal with Rogers that brought the iconic cymbals state-side. This and much much more is discussed in this episode, plus Dan corrects a few things from the first episode that came to light in the short time between us recording these two shows.

Dan Garza is an admin on the Paiste section of the great and is a lifetime Paiste fanatic. He has done extensive research on this somewhat mysterious company and compiled great information for this episode.

Follow along here

Thanks to Dan and everyone else who contributed to make this possible!

(Thanks to Jim Catalano for sharing this photo)

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