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EP 121 - The Biography of Mitch Mitchell with Kevin John Simon

Mitch Mitchell was a successful child star on BBC before he ever became a drummer, then he changed gears to become a drummer full time and had a gold record with Jimi Hendrix by the time he was 20. This is an amazingly in-depth look at the life of one of the most swinging rock drummers that ever sat behind the kit. My guest is Major Kevin John Simon who is the founder of the very successful Mitch Mitchell Fan Club. He is an absolute expert on Mitch, his kits, and every important milestone of his prolific career,

Check out the Mitch Mitchell fan club website here: and on facebook at

Track listing of Major Simon's recommended listening:

  1. Song: "Third Stone From The Sun" / Album: Are You Experienced

  2. Song: "Up From The Sky" Album / Axis: Bold As Love

  3. Song: Voodoo Chile / Album: Electric Ladyland

  4. "If 6 was 9" / Album: Axis: Bold as Love

Here are the Mitch Mitchell Vater drumsticks that Major Simon talked about on the show:

Thanks for listening!

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