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EP 111 - The Right Drummer for the Right Band with Mike Edison

Mike Edison joins us to discuss when the stars align and Charlie finds The Stones, Bonzo joins Zeppelin, Ringo meets the Beatles, and Keith explodes into The Who. We talk all about what makes these (plus many another) drummer's the absolute perfect choice for each of the iconic rock groups and play a game where we switch drummers into different bands. Mike also discusses his great book, "Sympathy for the Drummer - Why Charlie Watt's Matters" which is now available on paperback, and he tells us about the phone call he had with Charlie himself to thank him for writing the book.

Mike is doing a giveaway from Aug 4th to August 11th for 3 free copies of the book, so find Drum History on social media for instructions on how to enter!

Find everything about Mike here -

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Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
2021. aug. 03.

Yep, Mitch Mitchell!! No Mitch, no Jimi. And, at the time, Ginger Baker was on pare with Bonham.

Of the two, I always liked Charlie Watts over Ringo. The Stones were just grittier.

For what it worth, I saw Mitch and Ginger as interested in exploring drumming. Charlie and Ringo were band drummers. Great drummers, but band drummers.

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