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EP 109 - The Origins of Tempus Drums with Paul Mason

Paul is a master drum builder who used materials such as Hemp, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Kevlar, and Fiberglass. He started Tempus in Vancouver in 1985 and and ran the company until he decided to wind down and close his shop in 2012. His unique materials and production style made some of the most unique drums on the market that were widely loved by players around the world. Paul made over 7000 in his career and has some amazing stories about learning to use these materials, running a business, competing with the major players, and tons of other great stories along the way.

Paul was a pleasure to talk to and made for a great episode. If you come across a Tempus drum or drum set, do yourself a favor and buy it!

Here is the Tempus Drums facebook page:

Photo by Ronn Dunnett

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