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EP 106 - Drumsticks of the Legends with Chris Bennett

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Chris owns Bopworks drumsticks and he has recreated drumstick models of some of the most legendary players in drum history. Gene Krupa, Shelly Manne, Art Blakey, Mel Lewis are some of the stick's that Chris has gotten the rights to recreate and produce in Austin, Texas. He teaches us the process he had to go through to get the rights from the familys of these legends and then getting the sticks made. We also discuss the impact the different types of sticks can have on the sound and feel of cymbals. This is a great one with lots of different information.

Check out Bopworks here -

Be sure to check out this weeks Patreon bonus episode with Chris to hear the story of how Chris tried to create a Buddy Rich signature stick and ran into some roadblocks. Join up at

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