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EP 105 - The History of Zickos Drums with Wes Faulconer

Bill Zickos was the inventor of Acrylic Drums in 1959 and changed the drum world forever when clear drums went to market a decade later thanks to famous drummers using them such as Keith Moon, Bill Ward, Ron Bushy, and even John Bonham. Bill passed away at age 90 in 2020 and left a huge legacy in the community. His unique and inventive techniques of making drum shells and creating hardware was way ahead of its time, and his story is full of ups and downs like all the great drum history stories. My guest, Wes Faulconer, knew Bill Zickos and shares many great stories as a long time owner of his drum shop, Explorers Drums and Percussion. We talk about all the various iterations of Zickos drums including when Bill lost ownership of the company but carried on making drums and I share my story about the Zickos drums that got away from me!

Check out Wes' great shop here -

Thanks for listening and enjoy this episode!

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