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EP 104 - Tony Williams Clinic Breakdown (1982) with Rob Hart

This is a very fun episode where Rob Hart plays us multiple clips from a Tony Williams clinic that he tape recorded in 1982 in Boston. We break down each segment and Rob gives us his first hand experiences from being a student of Tony in the early 90's in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hear tony talk about his famous ride patterns, setting up his kit, hi-hat work, using brushes, and much more - and then each topic has a great explanation and discussion with Rob.

Learn more about everything Rob has going on and to check out his great online courses - find him here:

Rob Hart's main teaching website:

Rob's music courses site:

Enjoy this episode and be sure to check out the Patreon Bonus episode to hear examples of Tony mimicking Elvin, Art, and Max Roach and a great discussion with Rob.

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