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EP 102 - Before Ringo and Best: The Colin Hanton Story

Colin Hanton was the original drummer for the Quarrymen which featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison in Liverpool circa 1956. He shares the amazing story of first meeting John Lennon and then the group evolving and growing gig by gig and adding the other future Beatles as time went on. It is amazing to hear the difficulties they faced trying to scrape together money to buy instruments and afford a 2 song EP which is an incredible story all in itself. We cover when Colin left the group and Pete Best became the next Quarrymen drummer and then when things exploded with Ringo. Enjoy this great piece of musical history with a living legend!

Check out Colins book here:

Here is a link to Andy Dwyers shop, ADC Drums in Liverpool:

Thank you for listening!

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